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Why You Should Conduct a Feasibility Study Before Starting Your Business

With diminishing formal opportunities in Kenya, many young people are increasingly turning to...


Battle for Market Share: Why China Square Won, Nyakima Traders Lost

A few months ago, the country was treated to a high-drama spectacle. Reason? There was an unexpected...


Why Innovation and Entrepreneurship is Slowing Down in Kenya

From a light bulb by Thomas Edison to the digital computer by Charles Babbage, man’s quest to solve myriad challenges...


Surviving the odds: Pitfalls of small business marketing

Starting 2023 with a new government in place, there is a general wave of optimism wafting across the country as...


Reflections: Looking back at 2022 and forward on what lies ahead in 2023

So, in a scale of 1 to 10, where one represents very unsatisfied and ten very satisfied, how would you rate your business...


State of the world and five emerging trends that will impact your business

Have you noticed any new trends lately? Staying ahead of the game calls for constant monitoring, scanning and evaluation...


Why social media marketing is not free

The invention of social media has been a boon for many micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), especially those who don’t have the requisite budget for..


GTM unpacked: How to take your business to the market

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said, “change is the only constant in life." Well, I guess the..


Viral marketing: What does it take to go viral

There’s that one goal, the holy grail, we relentlessly endeavour to achieve in the course of our careers..


Podcast Listenership Trends Among the Kenyan Youth: Are Podcasts Viable Advertising Channels?

For those in the business of persuasion and influencing attitudes, the search for perfect mediums and...


Doing It Right: Lead Generation Process For Small Businesses

Not so long ago, I was engaging a proprietor of a medical centre who poignantly complained that the number of people seeking healthcare services at their established had...


The Power of SEO: How To Successfully Position Your Small Business Online

As a small business, getting customers can be a daunting affair, especially when starting up. The budget is tight, there isn’t enough money to plug into various marketing initiatives. Nonetheless...


From Surviving To Thriving: Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Marketers are constantly evolving with the world around them. 2021 was about recovering from an unprecedented shock. But this year is about responding, and for those best...


Beyond The Numbers: Getting The Most Out of Your Online Community

As digital technology continues to spread and connect the threads in all aspects of our daily lives, small business owners are slowly realizing its untapped potential, especially in...


The Year Ahead: Marketing and Business Landscape Outlook For 2022

It’s that time again that we all gather around with colleagues at work to predict and get ready for the future. Certainly, strategic planning is one of the most critical activities for any...


Content Marketing 101: Getting Started With Content Creation

Ever since the world shifted from the industrial revolution to the information age in the mid-20th century, virtually all aspects of society have changed markedly. Evolution has come with ...


Customer Reviews: How To Sell Without Selling

Sales is the most vital artery in the body of any business. It delivers revenue that pretty much finances everything else. Despite its critical role, the art of selling is still a big challenge among...