Branding Basics: Why Your Business Needs A Company Profile

By Stephen Osomba – October 29, 2020

The business landscape has evolved so much in the past years. The evolution is continuing steadily and shows no signs of slowing down. One of the many ongoing changes is the rise of more knowledgeable and demanding consumers. With increased access to multiple sources of information, consumers are having unlimited options at their disposal. The old days of market information asymmetry are now bygones. As a result, customers have become more powerful as compared to yesteryears. They hold business entities to even higher standards and demand for a higher value. This trend among many others has necessitated a re-evaluation of branding basics. Is your approach to branding addressing the ever dynamic needs of the marketplace?

One of the tools that should be in your branding arsenal is a company profile. A company profile is a description of a business which covers the mission, vision, staff, leadership, history, office locations, products and services, among other details. It acts as the first impression of your business and contributes immensely to your credibility in the eyes of the customer.

Gone are the days when prospects would simply take your word at face value. Today, they dig deep into your brand story and conduct due diligence on the capability of your business to deliver real customer value. It’s for this reason that you need a properly designed company profile. But, how do you go about creating a superb company profile?

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when working on a new company profile, or revamping an existing one. Here’s a quick look at them.

1. Prepare the company profile structure
The first step is preparing the profile structure. This shows the flow of content from the beginning to the end, ensuring that all information that is relevant to the customers and other critical stakeholders is well covered. Allow room for flexibility such that new details can be added, or some removed to make the resulting profile comprehensive but still fully relevant.

2. Hire a creative copywriter to write the profile
With content structure figured out, you now need to engage a creative copywriter to weave together your company’s story in a compelling language that your customers will identify with.

3. Hire a creative graphic designer
If the copywriter you hired doesn’t provide design services, you will need to hire a creative designer to beautifully lay out the words and corresponding imagery. At the end of the process, depending on the prowess of the creatives, you should have a masterpiece that will move your clientele and even turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.

Which format should you go for?

With technological advancements, the presentation of company profiles keeps changing. While in the past printed and PDF formats were mainstream, today we have businesses presenting their profiles in video formats. This is undeniably innovative, but it may not be suitable in all situations. Thus it would be advisable to have the hard copy and e-copy versions that still dominate corporate practice.

Having an excellent company profile is of utmost importance especially in standing out from the cut-throat competition in the business world. It could be the only thing between you and that golden opportunity you have been chasing. Go ahead, get started!

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